Past events

Hungarian New Wine and Cheese Festival

Taste Hungary’s best New Wines and Outstanding Crafted Cheeses on the festival organized at the Museum of Agriculture at the end of November. This event is organised for a noble purpose with exemplary collaboration every year. Dubicz Winery and Vineyard will of course be represented at this event! Further details are available HERE! Location: Budapest, Vajdahunyad Castle,

Martin’s Day Wine Festival

Martin’s Day Wine Festival for the 7th time in Gellért! The most exciting Martin’s Day program of the capital is welcoming you in Danubius Hotel Gellért in November! This Year’s festival will evoke numerology and the magic number of 7 as this number stands out from the others. We can face number 7 in various time systems,

Mátra Open – Martin’s day goose dinner

Whether you attended any of the former events of Mátra Open or not you must not miss the last stage of 2017 series of events. Delicious wines from Mátra, cheer, nice people and tasty dinner. You must not miss it! Further details are available HERE! Location: Ózon Hotel, Mátraháza, Üdülőtelep 2. Date: 11 November 2017

Glass of Jazz

At long last we have a night for wine and jazz fans! Ten winery, wine-tasting and jazz concert – this is Glass of Jazz the event where the fans of excellent wines can meet the jazz lovers and experience together why these two make a perfect match. The event is hosted by Budapest Jazz Club in


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